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FAQs and Send us a Question

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is our new team name?

    We’re not sure yet. While we know our organization's name is the Central Vermont Youth Hockey, we haven’t decided on our new team name at this time. We recieved lots of great name suggestions and we plan to announce the new team name in early July.

  • Will registration fees change?

    Tuition fees are expected to stay comparable to current rates with only modest changes where needed to bring the teams into alignment.

    Note: With the introduction of higher-tiered teams that get added practice time and additional tournaments, a fee to cover the additional costs will be added for only the players on those teams. The fee will be nominal, just enough to cover costs, as it is our goal to keep all of our hockey programs affordable and attainable.

  • Where is our “home” rink?

    All four rinks (CVMCC, Waterbury Ice Center, BOR, and Kreitzberg Arena) will be considered Central Vermont Hockey home rinks. Any game that takes place at any of these rinks will be recorded as a CVYH home game.

  • What will the schedule look like with all four rinks available?

    While we don’t have a set rink schedule yet, we will aim to offer as much consistency as possible so families can make plans, arrange for carpooling, etc. Every team will get ice time at each of the four rinks so they can experience the benefits they all have to offer. As schedules become available they will be posted on our website.

  • How will teams be decided?

    Central Vermont Youth Hockey aims to fully embrace our larger community. Players will be aligned by skill set and placed on teams that will foster their growth and development. This means that they will get to play with athletes from neighboring towns rather than only the players in their school district.

  • Will there be tryouts?

    Yes. In order to place athletes on teams where they have the greatest chance for success, we will hold tryouts. Tryouts are not only for the higher-level, more competitive teams. They help us align players with others who have similar skill sets to ensure they’re on the team that’s the best fit for them. All registered players should attend.

  • Does my player have to change levels if they don’t want to?

    No. If after tryouts your player is offered a position on a team that’s playing at a higher level than they want to compete at, you can decline and they will be placed on a different team.

  • What does this mean for current coaches, parent coordinators, team managers, etc.?

    Current coaches and other team roles will benefit from the addition of committees designed specifically to support them in their duties. There are still many roles that need to be filled so if you can help, please let us know!

    Specific to coaching opportunities, we are interested in speaking with individuals who have hockey experience even if they’re not a parent of a player. If you know of someone who may be interested, please let them know there are opportunities to get involved.

  • When will tryouts be held?

    In order for CVYH to prepare and schedule games accordingly for the season, we will be holding tryouts on the dates listed below. These tryouts will be conducted by outside evaluators and will be for 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U. These tryouts are for all levels, including Top Tier. It is expected that players attend at least one of the two sessions offered for 10U, 12U and 14U.

    We would like to extend the invite for the Girls Skate on 8/3 to all girls in our program, not just those interested in playing on an all girls team! For girls interested in cross rostering on co-ed and girls teams, please attend both tryouts.

    For the 8U level, please only attend the 8U Travel Mite tryout if your player is interested in being considered for the Top Tier team.

    If your player is interested in being considered for the Top Tier team, we will ask you to notify CVYH prior to tryouts so we can notate that. If your player is placed on the Top Tier team, we will work with you to collect the additional tuition dues. You must be registered with CVYH to attend tryouts!

Have a question that wasn’t answered above?

Submit your question using the form below. We’ll be reviewing new questions at our regularly scheduled meetings and provide updated information on this page to address the most frequently asked questions. All questions must go to the group for the final decision making so we ask that you use this form rather than reaching out to your local club individually. Thank you!